Imp is an experimental graphic novel styled comic where readers comment, prompt or vote on how the story will be moved forward. All I know of the story thus far is that there's an imp and it's waiting for the rain to stop.

How Imp works.


Imp updates once a week, or whenever I get a sequence of pages done.  You have until Wednesday after each update to leave a prompt and/or vote.


The comic will often ask directly for a prompt however you can leave one every update. These will often directly influence the story.

To signal a prompt/suggestion please start with *


You can ask a question anytime and to anyone in the comic.

To signal a question please start with @ then the characters name/description


Some decisions will be left to a vote. The link to the poll will always be in the creator’s comments.

The Big Change

Once a month the creator will ask for you to leave a prompt which will spark a huge change or direction in the story. The creator will either pick the one they like the most or leave it to a vote.

Please mark this with #.

Questions to the creator.

If you want to ask me a question just start with “Hey Anthea” and I’ll answer you ASAP.   



1.       As this is experimental, regular updates are not guaranteed but I'll do my best to keep it weekly. 

2.       Not every question or suggestion might be answered or followed for many different reasons, but some may be saved for later pages.

3.       I retain the right to ignore bloody stupid comments and prompts.